The Foundation:

Carla Bonney

Carla “The Muse” Bonney: English major from Boston University with a background in theatrical arrangements. The executive producer, extraordinary creative writer, editor, designer and brilliantly twisted and wonderfully creative, entertaining and playful mind

Rick Dumont

Rick “Fearless Leader” Dumont: A longtime entertainment journalist and theatre critic. He is the writer of the screenplays, the idea man, also an actor with nearly a dozen film appearances and two lead roles on the stage. He is also the director and producer of the projects.

Rick developed Sweaty Turtle with an eye towards bringing together kindred artistic souls who were looking to band together and follow the guidance of the multiverse.

The husband-wife team of Carla and Rick are full of creative energy and are truly two halves of a whole in every possible aspect of the creative process. Along with the team the Turtle will incite, entertain, educate, enlighten an amaze an audience with the strength of our talent, the dedication to our craft and the joyous spirit of teamwork and family that creates under the shell.

Artistic Visionaries

Karl Zahn

Karl Zahn Karl is a comedian, radio talk show host an actor and producer. His creativity, spirit, knowledge of the entertainment business is without equal as he helps to make every production a top notch quality engaging and fun process. He is also a regular co-host with Dennis Miller on The Dennis Miller Show, a regular panel member on Fox News’ Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld in NYC

Angela Sanscrainte Angela is a wearer of many hats under the Turtle shell. She is a producer, an assistant director, cinematographer, script supervisor, props and wardrobe mistress and our resident continuity expert. She also is a key creative soul and business leader for the organization.

Maggie Christi

Maggie Christi Maggie is our north of the border partner who not only is an artist, a fellow writer of our future projects but also the one to contact about lining up screenings and projects. She is also an extraordinary artist, practioner of numerology and who to talk to about bringing feng shui into your life and surroundings.

Mike Nute Mike is our partner currently based in Wisconsin. His business acumen and connections in the Midwest are vital for lining up screenings and guiding the artistic collective towards sustainability.



Kirst Callahan

Kirst Callahan: A model of extraordinary talent and look. She’s a makeup artist, an actress and a leader. Kirst has also been a performance artist for our “Up from the Underground Art Experience” events and a writer of screenplays. She also is one of the originators and leaders of our fashion show event.

The Collective

Roxanne Nichols

Roxanne Nichols: An actress of remarkable talent and presence both on stage and screen with over 12 productions to her credit. She has been educated by the Hartford Camerata Conservatory, and is studying for her Masters in Counseling Psychology at Framingham State College. She is invaluable with a wildly creative mind on set design, scene structure and story lines. She is also the spiritual balancer and purveyor of positive vibes.

Bill Nichols

Bill Nichols Bill is a longtime director of theatrical productions and actually was one of those responsible for giving Rick Dumont the motivation to create the Turtle after casting him for his first stage appearance since high school as the immigrant juror in 12 Angry Men. Bill is a master at extracting the perfect character development from his actors, while giving them the freedom to find the character within themselves. He is the director of Fraternitas, his first feature film foray and will be among the directorial and production staff of all of the Turtle’s future films.

John Moynihan

John Moynihan: An actor of both stage and screen, with a degree from UNH in theatre. John was the leading man in our second film, “The Bond” and has also contributed his creative talents to fleshing out the story in our third feature film, “Fraternitas.”

Ali Ricciardone

Alison Ricciardone: Ali is a producer of our third feature film, Fraternitas. She was also a producer being our first fashion show and has lent her technical skills to our website.

Karrie Whitfield

Karrie Whitfield: She was one of the artistic minds that brought the story of “Brothers in Communion” to the peaks of emotional and visual content it reached.
She is also an actress, and will be making her third appearance in our films as a professor in Fraternitas. Karrie’s artistic touch and wickedly creative mind has been and will always be invaluable in our films, art events and more. Karrie has also displayed her talents as an artist showcasing her paintings and other works of art in our “Up from the Underground Art Experience” events.

Jennie Leonard

Jennie Leonard: She holds her Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Arts from New England College. She was a M.F.A in Acting Candidate at The Actor’s Studio Drama School at Pace University. She has trained and worked with some of the best in the industry from the worlds of commedia del’ arte, dance, movement, stage and film training. She hopes that her passion for art and it’s beauty and the power it has to change the world will continue to be the main focal point of all her work and that she can be part of changing the world one smile, one cry, one laugh and one hope at a time. She not only uses her beautiful powers of creative expression on screen, but also behind it in the development of the stories. Her philosophy is why, in part, she was chosen to be the lead character in our second feaure film, “The Bond,” and will always be someone we turn to for insight and ways to create a more creative look to our projects.

Jason Korolenko

Jason Korolenko: Cowriter of The Bond, is a dark fiction writer from Chicago, Illinois, currently living in the lakes region of New Hampshire, and is an active member of the New England Horror Writers. Jason’s incredible turn of a phrase and ability to twist a moment into something absolutely brilliantly horrorific, yet wholly watchable, was the co-writer of our second feature film, “The Bond.” He also adds his talents to our “Up from the Underground Art Experience” events with his incredibly creepy and entertaining storytelling skills.

Jessica Guillemette

Jessica Marie Guillemette: is a consummate multifaceted artist. From winning the Maya Angelou award for her artwork and musicianship to dance and photography, Jessica brought something special to our “Like Life, but Shorter” indie film series when it was housed in Manchester, NH, managing the arrangements for area artists to come and display and sell their creations to patrons of the films.

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